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Call Us: 1-727-401-3202    /  25016 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater, Fl, 33763

Our Values

We are not just a play space, we are a ever-growing community of like minded care givers. They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and we are eager to show what our vibe truly is. We believe our actions will speak louder than our words, so we have taken steps to make our space accessible to everyone while doing the least damage we can to our coastal community. Please check out the programs with which we are happy to be associated. 

Ocean Allies

Ocean Allies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that originated in Clearwater Beach, Florida and is  dedicated to merging the goals of conservation, tourism and business by educating the public about ocean health and the real-life benefits experienced by businesses that become ocean friendly. We work to inspire whole communities to make simple switches to protect the marine ecosystems vital to human health and hearts around the world.

Center For Autism and Related Disabilities

CARD is a free community based program funded by the Florida Department of Education through an annual grant. Services are delivered wherever families, professionals, schools, agencies or businesses are located within our 14 county region in southwest Florida. Our work focuses on providing communities, organizations, agencies, service providers and families with the knowledge and skills to support children and adults in early intervention, school, community, work, and home settings. In our work, we address issues that impact individuals across the life span.

HIPPY Pinellas

HIPPY is a free international program that helps empower parents and caregivers with the tools needed to get their child ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Each week HIPPY Home Visitors meet with families to role play a researched-based curriculum that is broken down into five or six fun activities. The parents and caregivers then take that curriculum and complete the activities with their child throughout the week. Each activity focuses on a developmental domain necessary for school readiness- math, science, language, literacy, and gross and fine motor skills.

It only takes a little more than one hour each week for a family to complete the activities with their child, and all materials needed are either items commonly found in family homes, or can be provided by the Home Visitor.

Over 20 years of research in the United States and other participating countries have shown that children who complete the HIPPY program demonstrate higher levels of school readiness, better classroom behavior, increased parent involvement, higher test scores and more. Even when compared to peers who attended a preschool or daycare.