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Transitions and First Friendships

River and Sylvia at age 2

I have people ask me fairly regularly if we plan on changing the name of the Clubhouse since Jenna, our first owner, went back to teaching 6 months ago. My answer is and always will be a resounding “no”. Even beyond the logistics of a name change, Sylvia’s Clubhouse represents something very important for my daughter: her first real friendship.

River and Sylvia met when they were two years old, right here at the clubhouse. We actually saw Sylvia’s bottom before we saw her face as she scooted out of the bathroom to be cleaned by her mom. Apparently, it was love at first wipe as the two girls quickly became inseparable. I already have stories about their friendship to annoy them both when they are teenagers.

They hung out, went on adventures, and shared in firsts. We potty trained the two of them together- they demanded the same packs of underwear so they could show each other they matched each day (quick phone calls between Jenna and I to make sure they coordinated) and they knew if there were accidents they would be off rotation. Within a week they were both trained. It wasn’t all helpful, though. They especially engaged in mischief together- at one point Sylvia cut about ¼ of River’s hair off- not all in the same place, of course- and was annoyed I didn’t like her artistic vision.

Both girls stand up for each other constantly. We recently went to the beach and Sylvia tripped over a rock, hurting her feet. River, to defend her honor, found the closest rock (not the offending rock at all) and laid the smack down on it. That rock knew its place. River is terrified of sea gulls and Sylvia made it her mission to charge them, demanding they leave River alone.

So what does all this add up to? Odds are good River will never remember these earliest interactions. She doesn’t remember the day they met, she doesn’t remember early outings…. But I always will. I‘ve watched these two beautiful girls grow up together. And grown they have! No matter where their lives take them, there is a foundation they developed together. This building helped them cultivate something truly meaningful and special and we feel it in air here still. So yes, it will always be Sylvia’s Clubhouse.