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We are Ocean Allies!

There comes a point where we have to make changes that align with our core values, even if they seem daunting. As a native of Pinellas, the child of a veterinarian, and an avid appreciator of nature, I feel I need to help out where I can. That being said, Sylvia's Clubhouse is going greener- for the Kids! For three years now Sylvia’s Clubhouse has been a safe, fun indoor play space kids 6 and under love. The feeling is very mutual, we love our kids! In fact, we are taking major steps to do our part in ensuring an even more beautiful world for them tomorrow. As a coastal community, our oceans are an immediate and vital point of focus.

I've worked with Amanda Streets of Living Roots Eco Design for some time to lower my family's carbon footprint, grow a food forest, and compost. She came as a consultant to the Clubhouse to help me begin the seemingly overwhelming task of turning a regular, "buy as I will" business into something more sustainable. After looking at our problem areas she put me in touch with Auburn Supply Co, a local company focusing on brilliant biodegradables and ocean friendly products. The transition to more responsible products and practices was easier than I expected. When we had made some thoughtful swaps we reached out to Ocean Allies, a Clearwater based organization dedicated to connecting like minded businesses with a goal of common sense conservation. We are excited to announce that after reviewing the changes we made they have agreed to certify us as an official Ocean Ally!

We would like to invite all of our guests, young and old, to take a look around the next time you drop in to play. From a reduction in single use items and discontinuing the sale of plastic bottles to greener, locally sourced cleaning supplies we are happy to be working towards decreasing our carbon footprint and producing less trash that will end up in our oceans. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we would love to help inspire our friends to make greener choices as well. I know change can be scary- especially for business owners- but we owe it to our kids and our planet to make the difference now.